Who we are and what we do?

We deal with criminal proceedings held in Italy against foreign citizens who are in difficulty or, worse still, who have been arrested.

The law firm is made up of many italian attorneys, each specialized in a particular sector of international law and capable of providing protection of our clients’ legal interests.

Arrests and Criminal proceedings of foreigner s in Italy require maximum punctuality of action. Due to this fact, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have a specific knowledge of the most common foreign languages.

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Our firm guarantees the defense of its clients in Italy in all the various sectors of criminal law.

Firstly, in the event of arrest or criminal proceedings against a foreigner in Italy, we ensure
that the person immediately enjoys all the fundamental human rights.

You should know that italian authorities have an obligation to ens u re that the arrested person makes a phone call to inform their family of the situation. This to ens u re they can contact an international criminal law attorney and organize the best possible line of defense.

Secondly, it is of utmost importance that the arrested person relies on a lawyer with vast experience in the field of international law and who is able to communicate with the client in his own language to explain the defensive strategy to be adopted.

Our experience is based on the knowledge of international law,  greements between States as well as foreign legal systems and related international tr ea ties between different countries.

The International Criminal Lawyer H24 law firm is made up of lawyers who speak fluently English, Spanish and French.

This fundamental characteristic allow us to be able to directly address the processes that arise in Italy and abroad, speaking directly with the judicial authorities, in order to best protect the interests of our clients.

We have solved legal cases of:

–> Extradition;

–> European Arrest Warrant (EAW);

–> Transfer of convicted persons abroad;

–> Application before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The International Criminal Lawyer H24 Law firm is characterized by: precision, professionalism, competence,maximum and immediate availability towards the needs of clients.

Through its italian lawyers, our team creates a direct and immediate relationship with clients, with the main objective of listening and understanding their needs and working hard to satisfy them.

We guarantee continuous and complete ass i stance. This is defined by regular communications with our clients, who at anytime, will be able to find an attorney ready to illustrate the state of the proceedings and the best strategy to adopt in order to obtain the desired result.

Where does our work take place?

We are present in all the major cities in Italy such as Milan, Rome and Naples but if
necessary, can also be  epresented in most of the European and World capitals.

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